About us

RPM is enlisted under Central Kenya Conference (CKC) but because the members come from various parts of Kenya it has been allowed to operate in all fields and conference through the following organized chapters:-

  1. Central Kenya Conference
  2. South Kenya Conference
  3. Nyamira Conference
  4. Western Kenya Conference
  5. Ranen Conference
  6. Central Nyanza Conference
  7. Kenya Lake Field
  8. Kenya Coast Field

Who we are:

RPM is a faith based organization consisting of a group of retired Adventist Ministers .The organization is aimed at providing a forum for the retirees through which they can continue to serve God in an organized way. RPM works under the umbrella organization of Adventist Layperson in Service and Industries (ASI) and is supervised by the ministerial department and supporting ministries coordinating office. Our activities are evaluated annually in order to maintain our enlistment. RPM is enlisted under Central Kenya

Main objective:

Bring together retired pastors for fellowships and to unite with regular Adventist work force in the proclamation of the word of God.

In view of these RPM Credit Ltd is committed to promoting and facilitating serious Business Persons with enhanced performance, growth and sustainability.


A vibrant and sustainable Microfinance with a broad range of products and services to meet the financial needs of its client.


To follow our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ in working with the poor & oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice & bear witness to the good news of the kingdom of God.